Fox’s In-Game Super Bowl Ads Sold Out

NEW YORK Sources at Fox said the final in-game Super Bowl commercial spot for the Feb. 3 telecast has been sold, but officials would not disclose the buyer.

And some within the network indicated that it might have not been sold to a new advertiser but instead to one already in the game, either as another unit or as an add-on, boosting a 30-second spot to a 60-second unit.

Sources inside Fox said this marks the earliest that the in-game Super Bowl spots had sold out since Fox began broadcasting the NFL in the mid-1990s, spanning five Super Bowl telecasts.

In-game, 30-second spots sold as individual units this year went for about $2.7 million, although Fox acknowledged selling one spot for $3 million. Multi-unit advertisers most likely paid less than the $2.7 million unit cost.

Movie companies have the most in-game ad units as a category, and one Fox insider said possibly one of the movie companies bought the additional ad time to increase the length of one of its trailers that will be shown during the game.