Fox to Revive ‘The Flintstones’

Also: 'The Flintstones' are coming back!

X Factor could be a time period killer for Fox this fall. The clip reel shown to media buyers at the Beacon Theater in New York Monday afternoon at the network's upfront was over-the-top bombastic and showed a wide range of contestants, settings, and tear-inducing drama. Host Simon Cowell walked out on stage with fellow judges to the strains of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."

"We are definitely going to kick ass," Cowell said, before thanking sponsor Pepsi and Fox and giving back the stage to entertainment president Kevin Reilly, who ran through the network's entire slate. Despite a full compliment of sitcoms, animation, dramas (Terra Nova looks particularly strong), The X Factor is where the network will potentially change its fall ratings fortunes with Idol-like stats.

In a surprise announcement that somehow didn't leak to the press before today's presentation, Reilly said the network will bring back The Flintstones to its animation roster.

The revival won't premiere until 2013, but production has begun.