The Following Star Kevin Bacon Stays Close to His N.Y. Roots

Loves Pat Kiernan in the morning


Who Kevin Bacon

Age 55

Accomplishments Stars as Ryan Hardy on Fox’s The Following (Season 2 preview airs Sunday, Jan. 19 after the NFC Championship Game); Golden Globe Award-winning actor; musician

Base New York and Los Angeles

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

I read The New York Times app or website. I like the regular dot-com better because the app is almost too homogenized. But there are certain things about the app that I also like, so I toggle back and forth between the two. And if I’m in New York, I will also be listening to the morning show on NY1, which I love. There’s just something about Pat Kiernan. He’s kind of hilarious.

What are your go-to social platforms?

For social media, I use something called WhoSay. It’s more photo-centric, and it lets me simultaneously post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some Chinese sites.

Where do you get your news?

My main news source is the PBS NewsHour. I really like it because it’s truly nonpartisan reporting, which I don’t really find on any of the other news outlets. It’s a great show, and it hasn’t become an entertainment outlet. I follow them on Twitter.

What other shows do you watch on TV?

I like Homeland, The Killing, and I love Orphan Black—that has a spectacular performance by one actress playing nine characters. There’s a British show that I recently got into called Broadchurch, which is great, and I like Sherlock and Luther.

Are you a binge watcher?

Usually we only have the time or the energy after work to watch one episode of something. But every once in a while, I’ll get into the binge-watching thing. I think the first show that I ever binged on was The Wire. I wasn’t really hip to it when it first aired, and then I just went crazy and watched it over the course of a couple of weekends. It was so good. So good.

How do you wind down before bed?

Electronic light isn’t supposed to be good right before you go to bed. Although I don’t have much of a problem with insomnia, sometimes [my wife Kyra Sedgwick] does, so we tend to put the electronic devices away at least half an hour before bed, and read a book.

What’s on your reading list right now?

I just finished a book that I really liked called Brewster. It’s a really moving novel about friendship in the ‘60s. I’m also rereading a book called In Harm’s Way, which is the story of a battleship that was sunk by a Japanese submarine in WWII and the guys floated in the water for four days before they were rescued. I’m actually working on doing a miniseries based on it.

Tell us about your favorite app.

I’m in L.A. right now, and I just got an app called Waze that’s really great. It’s sort of like a navigation slash social media app. The other one I use a lot is my Sirius app because I love Howard Stern. But I don’t always have a car with Sirius, or I’ll be walking the dog in the morning, so this lets me listen to Howard on my iPhone.