FBN to Launch Live Daily Web Series

Fox Business Network on Feb. 9 will launch FoxBusiness.com Live, a new daily, one-hour, live Web series.

The new show is being hosted by Fox Business anchors Jenna Lee and Connell McShane. Episodes will feature a mix of news, interviews with executives and business journalists and viewer commentary. For example, during week one, Fox Business has lined up Barron’s senior editor Mike Santoli and Burger King brands’ president Russ Klein as guests.

Viewers can stream FoxBusiness.com Live each Monday through Friday at noon, or they can watch archived episodes on the site on demand. For now, the show will not be ad supported, according to Fox Business officials.

Fox Business is the second major news network of late to embark on an effort to create appointment TV on the Web. Just last week, CBSNews.com premiered the weekly politics-themed Web show Washington Unplugged, which is being hosted by Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer each Friday.

Of course, Fox Business’ sibling Fox News has become among the more aggressive programmers of live Web news content. Since last summer, FoxNews.com has offered nine hours of live news coverage each weekday via a channel called The Strategy Room Online.