Estrella TV Gets Nationwide Launch

In a challenge to the big Spanish-language networks, Estrella TV, Liberman Broadcasting’s new Spanish-language TV network, launched nationwide Monday (Sept 14), reaching 68 percent of U.S. Hispanic TV households.

The network has been cleared on mostly digital multicast channels in 24 markets, including the main signals of seven of LBI Media’s owned-and-operated stations, giving the network presence in nine of the top 10 Hispanic markets.

Estrella TV’s slate or original programming includes musical-variety, comedy, scripted drama, talk and game shows, a daily national newscast and a news magazine show.

The network can already boast some success, increasing viewership by 33 percent in July on KCRA, Estrella TV’s flagship, owned by LBI Media.

“Estrella TV’s quality and diversity differentiate our ever-expanding network from other Spanish-language broadcasters,” said Lenard Liberman, co-founder and executive vp of LBI Media. “The nationwide launch of Estrella TV gives the network a chance to spread its wings, to demonstrate the clear advantage it has over the Spanish-language networks available in the United States.

National sales will be handled by LBI Media’s wholly-owned rep, Spanish Media Rep Team.