Erin Andrews Recalls Getting the Cancer All-Clear Backstage at Dancing With the Stars

Fox on NFL, Dancing With the Stars host covers Health magazine

The cover story for the July/August issue of Health magazine is pretty remarkable. Although Erin Andrews’ insane 2016 was previously highlighted at the beginning of the year by Sports Illustrated staff writer Emily Kaplan, this remains compelling stuff, especially for anyone who did not catch up to that SI feature.

Andrews talks to Amy Spencer about how she quietly battled a cervical cancer scare, and chose to keep those issues private for a while in the wake of her settlement of a lawsuit with the Nashville Marriott. From the Q&A:

“I did my first surgery on a Tuesday because I had Dancing on Monday, and I was doing a sit-down interview on Friday in Green Bay, so I had to take a red-eye on Thursday. And literally an hour before I needed to be in the car, we got the call from my doctor that the margins were not clear and she was recommending a hysterectomy. I was having a meltdown on my couch. I’m screaming and crying, my parents were on the phone, my boyfriend was arguing with the doctor—and I wasn’t even engaged yet, we weren’t even talking about having kids yet!”

“So we decided we’re going to an oncologist, see what they said, then make a decision who I was gonna go with. Then we made the decision to do another surgery—and then if that surgery didn’t work, we were probably dealing with, “What’s the next step? Is it gonna be radiation? Am I gonna get a hysterectomy?” It was awful. I got the news, I did the surgery, they had to cut more of my cervix out, and then I went to New York that weekend, and I did the game. At Dancing with the Stars that Monday, I was in my dressing room when the phone rang and [the doctor] said, “You’re good. We got it.” I was like, “Oh my God,” crying—while trying on a ballroom dress. The waiting was so hard.”

Wow. Andrews goes on from there to detail a hilarious memory involving herself, a girlfriend and the latter’s newborn baby, together in a hospital room and each wearing a diaper! This is life-affirming stuff. Article author and interviewer Spencer is a top-shelf feature magazine writer who has contributed to many different publications.

Andrews also appeared this past weekend on Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.