Disney’s Digital Plan Is to Make Magic on More Than Just YouTube

To Maker Studios and beyond

Disney is reviving the Mickey Mouse Club, which produced stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling. Disney Channel
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While some NewFronts presenters showcase only their multi-channel networks and their bevy of influencers, Disney put the depth of its entire digital offerings on full display today.

In order to grow its digital properties, Disney has actually spent the last few months condensing its influencer portfolio and consolidating Maker Studios into Disney’s entire digital publishing world.

The result: the Disney Digital Network, which encompasses Maker’s creators, Disney’s branded content studio Co/Op, the six Disney-owned editorial voices (Oh My Disney, Disney Style, Disney Family, Babble, Polaris and Star Wars) that create content for millennials and members of Gen Z, as well as more than 300 social media channels that spotlight Disney’s characters and stories.

Disney emphasized to advertisers the many ways they can experience the brand’s well-known “magic” as its many digital brands combine Disney’s massive social following with its trusted storytelling. As part of its efforts, Disney’s “digitologists” create more than 6,000 pieces of microcontent (memes, GIFs and more to live on social platforms) per month, according to Andrew Sugerman, evp of publishing and digital media for DCPI.

For advertisers, Disney says it’s creates a strong environment for advertisers to deliver their message.

“We can now connect these opportunities with first-party data, proprietary insights, quality of service and brand safety,” said Rita Ferro, president of sales for Disney-ABC Television Group. “This is something only Disney can deliver and we are excited to bring this incredible opportunity to the advertising community.”

Disney also announced its new and returning programming including another season of the Oh My Disney Show, hosted by Maker creator Alexys Gabrielle, which functions as a talk show for the Gen Z crowd.

COIN is an animated, original series coming to Polaris, and Disney IRL will be expanded beyond its trial video which featured Dug from Pixar’s Up.

Another new show, Science and Star Wars, was created exclusively for Facebook Anthology in partnership with IBM to experiment with technology that brings sci-fi technology closer to reality.

Disney is also rebooting the classic Mickey Mouse Club variety show for Facebook Anthology. Club Mickey Mouse, the new show, will showcase young creators and digital stars in partnership with HP Inc.

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