Dish Takes Retransmission Standoff With Media General to FCC

Accuses broadcaster of failing to negotiate in good faith

Dish Network took its retransmission fight with Media General to the Federal Communications Commission, filing a complaint against the broadcaster for not negotiating in good faith.

Since Oct. 1, Media General TV stations in 17 markets such as Tampa, Fla., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., have been blacked out on Dish's systems. 

Dish is asking the FCC to rule that Media General has violated the FCC's stipulation to negotiate in good faith (because it failed to respond to a Dish offer for 11 days), and require the broadcaster to submit to mediation with Dish, and award Dish appropriate relief.

"There could not be clearer evidence of bad faith than when a broadcaster post-blackout refused to even negotiate," the Dish complaint said. "Although Media General finally countered after 11 days, Dish has now been waiting 7 days for a response to Dish's subsequent offer."

Dish also accused Media General of trying to re-negotiate an existing retransmission consent agreement with New Young Broadcasting Holdings (which Media General is purchasing) in order to come to an agreement.

Responding to the Dish complaint, a Media General spokesperson said: "We are reviewing the document and will respond accordingly."