Delays Meet Arbitron in New Orleans Market

Arbitron will not commercialize the portable people meter ratings service in New Orleans this year. The ratings firm, which made the announcement Tuesday (Jan. 5), had originally planned to make the PPM currency in the market in Dec. 2010.

No date was given for when New Orleans radio will be measured with the PPM. Arbitron said it will maintain an “ongoing evaluation of the market.”

Arbitron said in a press release it was holding off on rolling out the PPM in New Orleans “in part to help broadcasters in the market continue to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina.”

In place of the PPM, Arbitron will continue to measure radio audiences in New Orleans using its local diary service.  

Arbitron has rolled out the PPM to 33 markets. By the end of 2010, the PPM will be commercialized in 48 markets.