Data Points: Turn On, School’s Out

Parents report an uptick in the media their little couch potatoes consumed this summer

Our minors do some major television watching when school lets out for summer.

Between half and two-in-five parents of children 17 and younger report that their little ones consume more of each media type listed in the latest Adweek/Harris poll. Half said their children watch more television over the summer (49 percent) while slightly fewer said the same about video games (46 percent), the Internet (45 percent) and movies (44 percent).   

Then again, parents tend to loosen up in the warmer months as well. Over half of all parents surveyed (57 percent) said that they ease household rules on media consumption in the summer, while a quarter said that they do not (26 percent). Just under one in five say that they don’t have any rules for their children’s media consumption (17 percent). Sounds like permanent vacation to us.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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