Dannon’s Oikos Helped to Revive Full House, but Won’t Be There to Enjoy It

Brand's contract with John Stamos ended in 2014

More than a year before John Stamos lit a nostalgic bonfire with his announcement of a Full House revival, Oikos Greek yogurt had the same idea.

The Dannon brand's 2014 Super Bowl ad reunited spokesman Stamos with his former castmates, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, and in the process sparked an explosion of buzz among several generations of fans. (The show remains a syndicated hit with today's youth.)

So will the brand be basking in the glow of the retro reunion it arguably helped bring into reality?

Probably not.

A spokesman for parent brand Dannon says its contract with Stamos expired at the end of last year and there are currently no plans to revive it.

"John is no longer in our Oikos advertising," said Michael Neuwirth, senior director of public relations for Dannon. "That sunsetted at the end of last year, 2014. So the short answer is no, we don't have any plans to be involved."

Neuwirth downplayed the brand's role in reigniting excitement for Full House, saying instead it was just a coincidence of timing.

"Just before John began appearing in our advertising, Full House was back in syndication, and it was running two hours a night," Neuwirth said. "I think there was a convergence of those two things."

Stamos' early fame from Full House wasn't really a key factor in why the brand selected him as a spokesman. In addition to being from a family of Greek descent, Stamos had an enduring charm that Dannon felt would fit well with its growing Oikos line.

"It was his appeal and his inherent talent is why we reached out to him," Neuwirth said.

"The nostalgia appeal was significant, but it was not part of our significant planning or thinking. It manifested, but that was not part of the rationale to work with John. It was a very pleasant surprise along the way."

Stamos announced the return of Full House last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Netflix followed shortly after with an official announcement saying the revival will debut in 2016 with much of the original cast.

The name, sure to be a point of debate among fans and grammarians alike, reportedly will be Fuller House.