Coors Light and Discovery en Español Partner on New Soccer Series

'Acceso Exclusivo: Pumas' marks Hispanic net's ramp-up to the World Cup

Extra investment in Discovery U.S. Hispanic is paying off: the division's flagship network, Discovery en Español, is pulling in a major advertiser with its original content in the form of Coors Light, marking the first time that the Molson Coors has inked a deal with the Spanish-language cable net.

The deal covers an ad integration with Acceso Exclusivo: Pumas, the first U.S.-original show in the Acceso Exclusivo series, which will feature the beer prominently throughout the program. Discovery will also provide footage to Coors Light for use on its digital properties (its proprietary platform, Facebook and Twitter). 

It's the most recent in a long line of partnerships focusing on Hispanic consumers in the U.S., and Coors believes it's wise to get into that particular niche early. Networks are trying to position themselves as future power players in a market dominated by a few cable and broadcast channels, and the deal bodes well for Discovery's future with advertisers. "Hispanic fans are central to the growth of Coors Light," said Jackie Woodward, vp of media and marketing for the beverage. "It's a very important consumer base for our brand. Soccer is so, so very central to who they are and how they live their lives and how they engage with brands."

Discovery en Español will do its best to hang on to Coors as it continues to build its soccer coverage; Victor Parada, vp of ad sales at Discovery U.S. Hispanic, said that the Acceso Exclusivo shows (four hour-long episodes for the Pumas installment) are "part of a bigger project. These are all shows that form part of the brand that we're producing." Coors is getting in on the ground floor—Parada said that the network will continue to expand coverage throughout 2012, getting into full swing this year and continuing through next year until the 2014 World Cup.

The show (and the campaign) is focused on Mexico's Pumas, a much-loved (or -hated, depending on which side of its various rivalries you take) soccer club that won the Copa Sudamericana in 2005. The inside-futbol look at the show is geared to galvanize U.S. Hispanic viewers with a serious stake in teams from other parts of the Americas—a strategy that has rarely failed Spanish-language broadcasters.

Discovery proper has had a long relationship with Coors Light, and Woodward said she's optimistic that this will be another chapter in that story. "It's the continuation of a beautiful friendship," she said.