Comcast Spotlight to Sell Ads for Verizon’s FiOS TV

Comcast Spotlight, the local ad sales division of cable giant Comcast, announced Wednesday that it will begin selling advertising for Verizon’s FiOS TV in select markets where the carriers’ subscription TV services overlap.

Per terms of the agreement, Comcast will sell local ad inventory for the telco in a number of top DMAs, including: Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Portland. The deal goes into effect this fall.

Comcast Spotlight’s interconnect serves some 30 million subscribers nationwide, and enable advertisers to place their messages in all or part of a given market—or across multiple markets—with a single buy.

While upstart FiOS TV represents a competitive threat of sorts to Comcast, the cable operator’s yen to expand its local ad sales efforts increasingly puts it in close quarters with rival pay-TV outfits.

“Even as we and Verizon compete in other areas of our businesses, we both recognize the value of being partners in the advertising business and the importance of streamlining the way advertisers buy spot cable,” said Steve Burke, chief operating officer of Comcast Corp. and president of Comcast Cable. “This is a natural fit for both companies and complements the similar agreements we’ve made with a number of other video distributors.”

In January, Comcast reached a similar deal to sell local ads for DISH Network’s 10 regional sports nets.

The spot-cable group NCC will manage inventory for national advertisers looking for exposure beyond the FiOS TV footprint.