CNNx Promises It’s a New Way to Watch News

App lets users watch the past 24 hours on demand with bonus digital content

CNN embraced the digital component of its news service on Thursday when it announced CNNx, a new way to watch the network's programming.

The app allows users to scroll through a rundown of the past 24 hours of programing on the network, and select what they want to watch with a tap of their fingertips. Viewers will be able to catch up on what they missed or see what’s up next on the docket.

“CNNx is a really revolutionary advancement, and allows the consumer to be the producer. It allows the consumer to be able to enhance what they are watching and decide when they want to watch, when they want to watch it,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker told Adweek.

Each news topic will contain the original newscast and additional digital content created just for CNNx consumers. Zucker added that the company is expanding its digital news team, and is already hiring to fill new positions.

“CNN has again redefined the way people consume news.  As the Internet has come crashing into the television, we’ve future-proofed CNN,” svp and gm CNN Digital KC Estenson said in a press release.“This product bolsters our relationships with TV partners, opens incredible new opportunities for advertisers and delivers consumers a truly innovative experience.”

CNNx is available effective today via the CNN App for the iPad for selected customers. The network plans to roll the program out for set-top boxes and by the end of the year.