CNN’s Morgan Gets Into Spat With Vanity Fair Critic

CNN’s Piers Morgan appears to relish playing out his schoolyard spats with other media on Twitter, a fact Vanity Fair contributing editor James Wolcott didn’t overlook in a column he wrote in which he thoroughly trashed Morgan’s performance as Larry King’s replacement.
So it should come as no surprise that, when Morgan decided to fire back, he used his favorite medium.
“My response to James Wolcott @vanityfair: No, I’m not. So maybe remove head from bitchy, pompous, humourless a**?,” Morgan tweeted on Friday.
It wasn’t entirely clear at first which part of Wolcott’s article Morgan was referring to when he said, “No, I’m not,” but never fear. Since only one retaliatory tweet was apparently not enough for Morgan, he followed up with a combo aimed at Wolcott’s appearance, which had the secondary benefit of providing a little clarity: the anchor was responding to Wolcott’s calling him “a canned ham.”
“Good grief, this is my @vanityfair critic James Wolcott (on left) – and he has gall to call ME a ‘canned ham’?,” Morgan jabbed.
And then, as if he hadn’t made his point already, he tweeted a second less-than-flattering picture of his latest rival to his 393,000-plus followers: “I think this charming image explains why James ‘canned ham’ Wolcott @vanityfair is mainly a radio contributor –”

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.