Clinton the Wrong Choice to Launch New Newsweek?

Tina Brown seems to have a soft spot for Hillary Clinton. For her first, highly anticipated issue of Newsweek, Brown put the nation’s chief diplomat on the cover. It’s not the first time that Brown has gone to Clinton for a big issue—she was also featured on the cover of the debut issue of Talk, Brown’s much-hyped and short-lived glossy.
The new Newsweek, out this week, could be a big newsstand seller, given all the hype around Brown’s effort to breathe new life into the iconic but staid news magazine as part of its unusual union with The Daily Beast. But, given her record as a newsstand draw, Clinton might have been the wrong choice.
Both Time and Newsweek put Clinton on their March 17, 2008, covers, when her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was at its height. Newsweek’s “Hear Her Roar” issue moved 66,000 copies, well below the magazine’s 82,756 average single copy sales for the first half of that year. Time’s issue, “The Fighter,” sold 89,145 copies versus an average of 95,950. Figures are from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.