Citadel Launching New Networks

Citadel Media, the network radio division of Citadel Broadcasting, introduced Wednesday (July 14) 10 new national advertising sales networks. Launching in fourth quarter, the new networks, which offer inventory cleared by 4,200 radio stations carrying Citadel’s programming services, production libraries, daily features and news networks, are configured to provide advertisers with better defined targeted audiences and prime inventory during key dayparts.
The reconfiguration of the non-syndicated programming and RADAR inventory is a marked departure from the way Citadel (formerly ABC Radio Networks) brought its affiliate station inventory to the network radio market.
“We used to associate commercial inventory with the service the station is carrying. Now commercials are associated with the audience of the station, creating a more focused sales vehicle,” said John Rosso, president of Citadel Media. “It’s more formatically pure.”
The Monday to Friday networks, including Contemporary FM, Family FM, Boomer FM, News & Info, Upscale Adult, Metro Latino and Nuestra Familia offer advertisers two, 30-second spots daily. The weekend networks, Contemporary FM Weekend, Boomer FM Weekend, and Entertainment Weekend offer two spots each on Saturday and Sunday.
Advertisers that buy the networks will get a list of the station affiliates and clearances and monthly ratings.
With the new network configuration, Citadel’s Advantage Network measured in Arbitron’s RADAR radio network service goes away, reducing the number of Citadel’s RADAR-rated networks from eight to seven.