Christopher Nolan’s Kids Know How to Rile Up Dad

Complain about Citizen Kane

Towards the end of the July/August Playboy Interview, contributing editor Stephen Rebello asks Christopher Nolan, ‘What kind of films do you like to see as a family?’

The filmmaker’s answer is dryly hilarious:

“We have a very good projector here at the house. I’ve shown our four kids movies since they were a very young age. They’ve watched the silent version of Ben-Hur, and they all wound up seeing 2001 for the first time when they were three or four years old. I’ve run Blade Runner just once because it’s a little more grown-up and the kids are spread out in age.”

“I showed them Citizen Kane when they were pretty young, and they still complain about it. They know that it winds me up to complain about Citizen Kane. They know a lot about movies and have a good grounding in film history. I did have an awful moment when I said, “Maybe they’re all going to be film critics.”

Ha ha. Nolan’s mention of the 1982 sci-fi classic ties in nicely to something he talks about earlier in the conversation: the influence of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner on him, as a youngster. Nolan’s dad worked with Scott on some commercials. And back in the 1980s, Nolan would regularly visit the Vintage Magazine Shop in London’s SoHo district, where he would buy black and white stills of Blade Runner and other films, to post in his bedroom.

The Playboy interview with Nolan will post online in a few weeks.

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