Lots of Photoshop in This 2017 Blizzard Forecast

Viewer drops WPVI-TV Philadelphia into the "Stella" viral maelstrom

NewscastStudio, a TV industry trade publication, helped spark a viral storm Monday when it reported about a funny image shared on Twitter by Philadelphia ABC-TV affiliate meteorologist Chris Sowers. The item was picked up by New York magazine, prompting the weatherman to double-confirm the image was in no way derived from a WPVI-TV newscast.

Per the explanation above, a viewer expertly reconfigured snow totals predicted on-air Sunday night by Sowers into more colorful wine-bottle supply recommendations. The beauty-and-the-beast of social media is that it doesn’t matter if the screen grab aired or was even created by the person depicted. As Sowers noted in his comments to New York magazine, he was amazed at how quickly a social media buzz was fostered.

NewscastStudio reminded in its Twitter exchange with the viewer who created the image that they never reported the image was from an actual TV forecast. Just that Sowers shared and then deleted it on Twitter. In this case, like so many others these days, content is less “king” and more “court jester.” Whatever your drink of choice, stay warm!