CBS to Tout Itself During AFC Championship Broadcast

It’s no secret that networks love to use their airwaves to promote shows.

But this weekend CBS will take a different and broader tack than usual and tout the entire corporation (network, cable, publishing, etc.) in a new spot crafted to take advantage of the huge audience expected to tune in to its coverage of the American Football Conference championship game.

The new spot will air during halftime of the game, which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Last year’s AFC championship telecast drew nearly 47 million viewers (per Nielsen) and is expected to draw at least that many this year.

And the network won’t spare the hyperbole either. “Every minute everyday, everywhere,” the copy reads, “more people get their entertainment from CBS than any other place on the planet.”

Of course Chinese media companies might give CBS a run for its money—individual shows there have been known to draw between 200 million to 300 million viewers on average.