CBS’ Jets-Colts Tackled by Away-From-Home Viewers

Nearly one-third of the young males who tuned in for CBS’ presentation of the AFC Championship Game were away from home when they watched the Indianapolis Colts dispatch the New York Jets, 30-17.

Per Arbitron’s ARB-TV service, 31 percent of men 18-34 watched CBS’ Jan. 23 coverage of the Jets-Colts game from a bar, restaurant, hotel or other nonresidential venue. (ARB-TV also measures viewership in third-party homes.) Away-from-home viewing among the demo added 6.6 ratings points to CBS’ in-home number (14.9).

Arbitron’s findings are consistent with its measurement of the AFC Divisional Playoffs of the previous week. On Jan. 16, nonresidential viewing accounted for 35 percent of CBS’ total male 18-34 deliveries for its coverage of the Colts-Ravens tilt, while the Jan. 17 Jets-Chargers duel picked up 32 percent of its young male audience via sports bars, playoff parties and the like.

Arbitron measures away-from-home TV viewing by leveraging its portable people meter radio ratings service, which collects data from 52,000 panelists across 29 radio metros.

During CBS’ broadcast of the AFC Championship game, the three markets that contributed the greatest percentages of away-from-home viewers 18+ were: Philadelphia (30.8 percent), San Diego (29.9 percent) and former Colts home base Baltimore (29.2 percent). In New York, 26.9 percent of viewers 18 and up watched from a barstool/banquette/friend’s sofa.

Arbitron plans to commercialize its PPM ratings service in Indianapolis beginning this September.

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