Can Piers Punch Back?

Shaw had it half right: Not only are England and America two nations separated by a common language, but we’re also forever riven by custom. Perverse contrarians, the Brits revel in doing things the wrong way ‘round, steering from the passenger’s seat, adding the letter “u” where it’s not welcome and feasting on culinary dog ends like Spotted Dick and blood pudding.  

Piers Morgan wears his obstinacy proudly, like a crisp new cricket jersey. A curious choice to fill Larry King’s braces—stateside, he’s best known as the overbearing judge on America’s Got Talent—Morgan is less encumbered by his ruddy Anglicisms than the format of the show itself.

Chat is tired. When guests tumble from Oprah heights to Kardashian shallows, there’s no place to hide all the nothing.

Morgan may well carry on as he’s always done, and while his supercilious mannerisms seem less than generous when measured against King’s doddering populism, his first month at CNN can hardly be judged an outright failure. With a slight lead over his predecessor, Morgan is still hitting his guarantees.

Should he fall any further, however, Piers Morgan may be as indigestible to us Yanks as a cold dish of Toad-in-the-Hole.