Cablevision ‘Interested’ in Partnering With Time Warner Cable

Comes calling after failed Comcast-TWC merger

Less than two weeks after Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable came to a bitter end, another cable giant says the time is still right for consolidation. And it's all about geography.

Speaking at the Internet & TV Expo in Chicago, Cablevision CEO Jim Dolan hinted that his company, which operates in the outer boroughs of New York City as well as New Jersey and Long Island, might make a good partner for TWC, which operates as Manhattan's main cable system.

"If we focused on the markets, I think that would bring more to the consumer, and I think it would make the business more valuable," Dolan told CNBC's Julia Boorstin in an interview following his remarks on a panel at the Expo.

Dolan said he hasn't yet talked about a deal with Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus, who he saw for the first time "in months" this morning.

"We're interested," said Dolan. "They'd have to see the value in it too. I'm sure I'll talk to them about the value of it, because I think it's there." Time Warner Cable has a market cap of $43 billion, seven times the size of Cablevision's $5.8 billion.

Dolan also made his first comments about last week's decision to offer Hulu to Cablevision's broadband subscribers, which could lead to his own customers cutting the cable cord.

"Those kinds of consumers, particularly millennials, that are not spending a ton of time in front of their TV set and don't need big, huge bundles of channels, those the are the people that cord-cutting sort of works for," said Dolan.