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Osama vidstreams soared, but not past Japan quake

Yesterday's big news also, predictably, made for a good news day at some of American's cable news networks. Between the time when the Bin Laden story first broke yesterday evening and 2PM today, says it saw more than 17 million online video streams, making it the third highest video day for the network to date (the Earthquake in Japan was the network's highest video day ever). Though MSNBC has not released specific page-view data, the network said that for the Royal Wedding,  saw over 18 million video streams and over 200 million pageviews plus views of wedding-related slideshow photos. The network says that its site is set to surpass those numbers today.

For its part, CNN reports that between Sunday evening and 1PM today, its website saw 88 million global page views – which marked  a 217% gain over the prior 4-week average for the same time period (10 PM-1PM, Sunday to Monday). is also reporting  13.8 million global video starts, which is a 725% gain over the previous 4-week average.

More broadly, according to Net traffic management company Akamai, by noon today Bin Laden-related media traffic had peaked around midnight with 4.1 million related page views per minute. Kafka points out, though, that while 4.1 million views per minute might seem like a lot, that doesn't even make Akamai's top ten list (which, it seems, is reserved mainly for soccer-related posts).