BuzzFeed News’ Netflix Show Won’t Get a Second Season

But it still has other projects in the works

BuzzFeed News’ partnership with Netflix was largely seen as an experiment for the publisher. Netflix
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BuzzFeed News’ show on Netflix, Follow This, isn’t getting a second season.

But in the cutthroat landscape created by digital publishers competing for attention, the news organization did manage to get the green light on other programs it developed for platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

BuzzFeed News’ partnership with Netflix was largely seen as an experiment for the publisher.With 20 episodes that ran 15 minutes each, the show explored topics that ranged from the fascination with ASMR to opioid overdoses. Meanwhile, Vox’s show on Netflix, called Explained, was renewed for a second season.

“We’re thrilled that Netflix saw the drama in the work of our journalism and the stories we tell. And we’re so pleased to have brought what we’ve learned to Netflix’s unmatched audience,” Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed News, said in a prepared statement at the time of the show’s release in August.

Spokespersons for BuzzFeed News and Netflix declined to comment.

As to what led Netflix not to take on the show for a second season? Cindy Holland, vp of original series, said at the summer TCA press tour that audience size is an important factor when considering which originals to renew.

“We are deliberate and thoughtful, and there are a lot of things that go into the decision,” Holland said, according to PopSugar.

BuzzFeed News is still developing other shows and concepts for platforms and streaming services, including AM2DM, a morning talk show for Twitter, and PROFILE, a show hosted by writer Ashley C. Ford for Facebook Watch.

@SaraJerde Sara Jerde is publishing editor at Adweek, where she covers traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversees political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.