Broadcasters Ask FCC to Loosen Up

As Comcast makes its case that owning a 51 percent stake in NBC Universal will be good for everybody, broadcasters are making a similar case that loosening media ownership rules will help them compete in a digital, multichannel environment.
In comments to the Federal Communications Commission Monday, the National Association of Broadcasters called for a modest reform of the rules. The group is asking for ithe elimination of cross-ownership statutes and reform of the TV duopoly law.
The NAB’s comments were filed as part of the FCC’s quadrennial review of the media ownership rules, a process that began in late May.
In addition to urging the FCC to eliminate newspaper-broadcast and radio-TV cross ownership rules, the NAB also made the case that the commission should allow TV duopolies in markets of all sizes. The broadcasting lobby also called for relaxation of the local radio ownership rules.
“Simply put, it is untenable to maintain broadcast-only restrictions on the assumption that common ownership of stations could somehow reduce the ability of consumers to access diverse information or harm competition in the information marketplace,” the NAB wrote in its filing.
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