For Broadcast Nets, Upfronts Are Go

NEW YORK All of the broadcast networks will do some type of upfront presentation during the traditional upfront week, May 12-15 this year, but they may not include the elaborate post-presentation receptions of past years.

CBS became the first network to officially announce it would hold a presentation for advertisers at its traditional Carnegie Hall location here on May 14, “with additional details to be announced at a later date.”

Also, ABC sales president Mike Shaw confirmed his net would “definitely” hold its upfront presentation at its traditional Lincoln Center site on May 13, although the fate of the post-presentation cocktail reception is still under discussion.

With the CW partnering with CBS is many areas, it will likely hold some type of upfront presentation on May 15, per sources.

NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker last month said the network might scrap its major presentation at Radio City. Today, though, NBC rep Liz Fischer said while the network has yet to determine what might specifically replace the gala event on May 12, “changes will be made to the upfront and plans are under way. We will have an announcement shortly.”

While Fox has not commented officially, insiders said plans call for that net to hold its upfront presentation on May 15.