Bravo Refreshes Brand Profile

As part of a new marketing campaign designed to reflect its pop-culture cred, Bravo Media is refreshing its brand profile, ditching the four-year-old “Watch What Happens” tag line in favor of the more utilitarian “By Bravo.”

Beginning June 23, Bravo will begin incorporating the new slogan into its on-air, online and mobile promotions, positioning “By Bravo” as a template onto which it can brand its different programming categories. For example, the network’s Top Chef franchise will carry a “Food by Bravo” tag, while series like The Real Housewives of New York will be marketed with the text “Drama by Bravo.”

In addition to providing a common point of entry for viewers looking for similar genre programming, Bravo’s new tag will also provide a thematic link with the channel’s off-line properties, including its consumer-products division (Shop by Bravo) and mobile arm (Mobile by Bravo).

The meme will extend to the days of the week (“Monday by Bravo”) and demographics (“Uptown by Bravo”).

Bravo is also deflating its signature “talk bubble” logo, which along with the “Watch What Happens” tag, was originally introduced in January 2005.

The brand reset leans heavily on bright colors (pinks, greens) and bold patterns (leopard skin, lipstick prints), with each stylistic choice meant to reflect the character of a particular series or property. For example, Bravo’s upcoming unscripted series NYC Prep, which is shot on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and concerns itself with the neighborhood’s private school demimonde, is accessorized by pop-art totems (argyle, lacrosse sticks, the distinctive white ear buds of an iPod).

Bravo goes live with the new look on Tuesday, the 23rd, coinciding with the launch of NYC Prep.

“The goal of this redesign is to give Bravo a fresh look that illustrates where our brand is going while staying true to our roots,” said Frances Berwick, general manager and executive vp, Bravo Media, by way of announcing the initiative. “Bravo is more than a television network––it’s a trendsetting, multiplatform brand.”