‘Boomerang Effect’ Event Aims for Media Mentors

For the second year in a row, the Marcus Graham Project, which aims to mentor minorities in the media industry, has partnered with the grassroots volunteer campaign SERVE 60 for a social media experiment called the Boomerang Effect, a weekend-long event taking place in March that aims to address and correct the lack of diversity among executives in advertising and marketing.
“We want to unite diverse professionals and leaders to the next generation,” Lincoln Stephens, the founder of the Marcus Graham Project, told Adweek. “We hope to inspire people to become mentors [who will] give back”.
The Boomerang Effect—which is named after the Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang, in which the comedian played an ad executive—combines networking events in several cities, social media initiatives via Facebook and Twitter, and the SERVE 60 imperative to get people to “volunteer or serve” in their communities by donating the 60 minutes lost or gained during daylight savings time weekends. 

The three-day, 60-hour event kicks off Friday, March 11 with networking events in 12 major cities across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia. 

On “Saturday of Service,” industry professionals of Walton Isaacson (an L.A.-based marketing agency known for its work with clients like as Axe, Burger King, Lexus and Dove), Results Driven Agency (a Miami-based marketing team specializing in alternative targeted media solutions and whose clients include BlackBerry and Snapple) and others across the country will work with youth groups in 60-minute workshops to discuss basics of media. Each group will also create a 60-second PSA that will encourage volunteering and giving back to the community. The PSAs will then be uploaded on the Boomerang Effect YouTube site. 

The event will then wrap up on Sunday with an all-day “tweet-a-thon” where followers of the Marcus Graham Project Twitter feed will vote on the PSAs. The makers of the most tweeted-about video will receive a $1,500 scholarship prize.
When asked why he partnered with SERVE 60, Stephens simply said, “We share the same vision: to inspire change and do something different.”
The One Club, a N.Y.-based nonprofit organization devoted to elevating creative work within the advertising industry, will also help promote this year’s efforts.