Bloomberg TV on Hunt for Audience

New campaign aims for wider range of viewers

Bloomberg Television has been rapidly growing in the last few years, expanding its coverage, doubling its marketing team, and, just last week, announcing the appointment of ABC News Digital’s Andrew Morse as its new U.S. head. Now, the channel is launching a major marketing campaign to expand its own viewer base—and hopefully steal some of CNBC’s.

With a flood of new ads and promotions, Bloomberg TV is trying to to reach beyond the Wall Street set that makes up the network’s core viewership and pull in a new audience of business executives and leaders. 

The campaign, created by JWT, highlights the channel's morning programming, its anchors, and its “fiercely independent, fiercely rational” editorial tone," Trevor Fellows, the head of advertising sales for the Bloomberg Media Group, told The New York Times. “Advertisers like that notion of rationality, particularly as we go into a political cycle."

The marketing effort also puts Bloomberg in more direct competition than ever before with CNBC. CNBC already boasts the audience of more casual viewers that Bloomberg is targeting.

Bloomberg TV’s new ads will be focused on the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, and feature slogans like “Business news like your coffee: hot, strong, no sugar.” The ads will appear in the Wall Street subway station and on double-decker tour buses, and some Manhattan restaurants have agreed to turn their televisions to Bloomberg TV. The network’s anchors will also promote the campaign on the floor of the NYSE.

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