Auto Driving the Super Bowl

Fox’s Feb. 6 Super Bowl XLV broadcast will feature no fewer than 20 automotive spots, accounting for nearly one-third of the event’s 63 total avails and far surpassing that of any previous Super Bowl.

Even the debacle of 2000 doesn’t compare. While it may have seemed like overkill at the time, only a dozen Internet companies threw down for a slice of time in ABC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XXXIV—a 20 percent share of the 61 spots available at the time.

Fox’s auto inventory is particularly impressive when one stops to consider that only six car clients suited up for Super Bowl XLIV (CBS), double what NBC was able to round up for its presentation of Super Bowl XLIII. Leading the way are some returning favorites (General Motors), a long-time holdout (BMW) and one luxury marque that is coming into the big game for the first time in its 45-year history (Mercedes).

While auto drove the ad sales market, the usual suspects that don’t come equipped with four wheels and a carburetor will also be well-represented in Dallas. Among those suiting up for the big game are Pepsi-Cola, Anheuser-Busch InBev, E*Trade,, Bridgestone,, Mars, Teleflora, and Skechers.

Meanwhile, football fans should not expect to see advertisements for 2010 sponsors Denny’s, FloTV, truTV and…and it should go without saying that the U.S. Census won’t be in the mix either. —with Andrew McMains


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