Is an Austin-Based Startup About to Buy Current TV? (Hint: No)

Expect to read less about this

Is Current TV entertaining a tempting bid from Austin-based tech startup—a bid that would entail a move to the Texas capital and a reworking of the network's core principles?


It's on VentureBeat, the Austin Statesman and The San Francisco Business Times, but it ain't happening, according to Current TV. "Complete poppycock," according to a spokeswoman for the network. Reached by phone, Stephen Vogelpohl, the startup's founder, said that his company was indeed looking at buying Current, which, to be fair, has had some notable ratings problems and is looking for partner organizations to stake it.

"We haven't made a formal offer," Vogelpohl told Adweek. "We are exploring it. We have a number of nondisclosure agreements in place." And what about Current? "Oh, they're definitely aware," he said.

A Current insider said that the deal was definitely not happening.

"We will be releasing a lot more information in the next couple of weeks," Vogelpohl promised.