Arbitron to Stand Firm Amidst Economic Crisis

Arbitron president and CEO Steve Morris opened Friday morning’s (Dec. 5) Consultant Fly-In at the company’s headquarters in Columbia, Md. talking about how the current recession was “the elephant in the room” but added that it was not going to be the demise of radio and believed that radio was “in a better competitive position than it was a year ago.”

However, the one thing many in attendance where wondering about was how, if at all, Morris would address the announcement last month that Cumulus picked Nielsen, the parent company of Radio and Records and Mediaweek, for radio ratings in 50 small and medium markets, with Clear Channel also taking the service in 17 of those 50 markets.  

“We’re not going to give an inch on the Cumulus sticker diary,” Morris said. “We view it as a fight and we intend to win.”

Morris, who stressed that “people are getting over the fear of the portable people meter ratings service as they work with the data,” also outlined Arbitron’s plans moving forward saying that they will “stay on strategy,” “follow radio into the digital space” and “focus and simplify” their initiatives.