Analysis: NBC’s New TV Schedule (TCA Video)

As Comcast prepares to acquire NBC, it’s no surprise that the still-GE-owned network chose not to hold an executive session at its portion of the TCA press tour today. After all, once NBC’s sale finally is cleared by the FCC—as is expected—honchos like Jeff Zucker and Jeff Gaspin will be exiting. So, any thoughts of theirs on the network’s current standing seem a bit irrelevant. And, until the sale goes through, any discussion of Comcast’s plans for NBC’s future is strictly taboo.

Stuck somewhat in limbo, NBC’s current management team finds itself in the awkward position of programming a network with no real direction from the top. That fact is rather apparent in its midseason schedule, which perhaps is most notable for many of the network’s shows shifting broadcast nights and/or time periods.

In their latest video from TCA, AdweekMedia’s Marc Berman and Alan Frutkin look at NBC’s new programs, and examine the network’s ranking at midseason.

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Click below for a video roundup of NBC from Berman and Frutkin: