AMC to Launch Breaking Bad Webisodes

AMC and Sony have launched online minisodes for the Emmy-winning series Breaking Bad as part of a trio of digital extensions to promote the show’s upcoming second-season premiere.

The companies are set to unveil five stand-alone shorts 3-5 minutes apiece. The minisodes will debut beginning Tuesday on AMC’s site and

“Webisodes create different experiences of the series that reach these multiple audiences in ways that resonate best for them,” AMC senior VP marketing Linda Schupack said.

The minisodes are one of three digital extensions for the drama, which returns March 8. Walt’s Warning, a first-person customized viral video featuring Breaking star Bryan Cranston hosted at, will have viewers choose their own adventure as they interact with Cranston’s desperate science teacher-turned-meth peddler.

Also, seven episodes from the series’ first season have been crunched into five- to seven-minute summary videos available on Sony’s minisode network of online portals including AOL and Hulu.

“These digital extensions offer new viewers a nontraditional opportunity to fall in love with a show that critics have been raving about, while still appealing to the show’s existing fan base,” said Tal Rabinowitz, vp digital development and programming at Sony Pictures Television.

The original minisodes feature the regular Breaking cast and include a flashback to Hank’s (Dean Norris) pre-wedding jitters; Walt panicking when he realizes his wife has sold their vacuum cleaner, which houses his drug earnings; and a behind-the-scenes look at Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) music video with his band.

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