Amazon Studios Returns to the Super Bowl With Teaser of Upcoming Series Hanna

The streaming service did a similar spot last year for the show Jack Ryan

The full season will go premiere in March. Amazon Studios

After releasing its first ad for Jack Ryan during the Super Bowl last year, Amazon Prime Video will return to the Big Game on Sunday with a 60-second ad for a new upcoming show, Hanna.

Based on a 2011 film of the same name, Hanna centers around a young woman, to be played by Esme Creed-Miles, who was raised in seclusion in the woods of Eastern Europe. Her survivalist skills are put to the test when she is discovered by CIA agents and is separated from her father, to be played by Joel Kinnaman.

The first episode will be available for 24 hours to Amazon Prime holders, and the full season will launch in March. Amazon Studios ordered eight episodes of the series written and produced by David Farr. The show was shot on location in Hungary, Slovakia, Morocco, Spain and the U.K.

Amazon will also highlight its voice offerings in an ad during the second half of the game.

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