Aereo Presses the Pause Button

World Cup fans must find alternatives to watch noon match

With the Supreme Court on Wednesday effectively putting the kibosh on Aereo's streaming service, CEO Chet Kanojia announced that at 11:30 a.m. today Aereo would "pause operations temporarily" until it can  figure out next steps. Users will be refunded for their last paid month.

The timing couldn't be worse for World Cup fans, who were eagerly awaiting the noon matchup between Brazil and Chile on ABC.

Meanwhile, the ruling has spilled over into on the battle brewing between Fox and Dish over the satellite service's Hopper DVR and its Dish Anywhere feature, which allows customers to watch live and DVR programming wherever and on whatever platform they choose.

The Guardian first reported Friday, that Fox's attorneys filed the Aereo decision as part of its case against Dish. Oral arguments are slated for the ninth circuit Court of Appeals on July 7 in Pasedena, Calif.

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