Adweek’s 25 Most Popular Stories About TV and Video in 2017

Amid rapid evolution, bold moves and quality programming were vital

Elisabeth Moss' 'The Handmaid's Tale' illustrated Hulu's commitment to high-quality original content. RRobert Ascroft for Adweek
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With the percentage of Americans who pay to watch traditional TV reportedly now tied with the percentage who subscribe to Netflix, 2017 was obviously an interesting year for those in the worlds of programming and advertising.
Streaming has become the cultural norm, but the landscape of which companies will dominate digital video’s future is still shifting and churning, as illustrated by Disney’s plan to acquire 21st Century Fox and assume majority control of Hulu while also preparing to launch its own streaming service.
Another inescapable force is the consumer demand for quality, with networks and studios working feverishly to one-up each other through stellar programming and talent acquisition.
Will all this competition end up being a long-term win for the viewer? Time, ratings and subscriber counts will tell.
Here’s a look back at Adweek’s 25 most read stories from the worlds of TV and video in 2017:
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24. YouTube Stunt Turns Deadly for a Couple Seeking Internet Fame
23. HBO Made Fans Watch Ice Melt for 69 Minutes to Find Out When Season 7 of Game of Thrones Premieres
22. After SNL’s Highest Ratings in 6 Years, NBC Prepares the Show’s First Branded Content Spots
21. Here Are the 12 TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer
20. After Resuscitating VH1, Chris McCarthy Is Ready to Breathe New Life Into MTV
19. ESPN’s Millennial Ratings for Live Sports Jump as Much as 33% With Streaming and Out-of-Home Viewing
18. Fox Unwraps Ad Innovations and Teams With Old Navy for A Christmas Story Live!
17. Elisabeth Moss Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Hulu
16. Facebook Is Hiring 3,000 People to Help Prevent Suicide and Murder Videos From Being Shared
15. These 15 Political Power Players in Media Are Keeping It Real in the Age of Fake News
14. Spike’s Rebranding as Paramount Network Is the Latest Maneuver in Cable’s Battle for Viewers
13. Netflix’s Latest Hit Series Is a Boring, Soothing Japanese Reality Show
12. Opinion: It’s Time for Marketers to Change How They Select and Reward Influencers
11. The 10 Most Disappointing Shows of 2017
10. Georgia’s TV and Film Industry Now Brings in $7 Billion a Year, Fueled by Smart Incentives
9. John Oliver Is Educating Trump on Major Issues With D.C. Ad Buy During Morning Cable News Shows
8. Disney Channel and Influencer Jake Paul Part Ways as He Causes Chaos in His L.A. Neighborhood
7. The 10 Best TV Shows of 2017
6. John Oliver Will Try to Teach Trump About Healthcare With Another Ad During Fox & Friends
5. This Old House Is Getting Younger Thanks to a New Millennial-Focused Site
4. Four Trends in TV and Digital Media That Will Shake Up the Industry in 2018
3. People on Twitter Have Mixed Emotions About Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why
2. A Guide to 2017’s Broadcast TV Renewals and Cancellations
1. Why This Is Us Is on Broadcast TV, and 5 More Things You Didn’t Know About the Hit Show

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