’s Top 10 Television Stories of 2014

Here are the 10 most-read television stories published on in 2014:


The 10 Best New TV Shows of the Year

By Sam Thielman
At the end of every great TV series—The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, 30 Rock—somebody usually jumps to declare the Golden Age of Television at an end, and somehow that prediction never manages to be right. Read the full story.


Upfront Upheaval: ABC Creates an All-Shonda Rhimes Thursday Block

By Anthony Crupi
It's Shonda Rhimes' world; everyone else just lives in it. The creator of the ABC franchise drama Grey's Anatomy and the scorching Beltway caper Scandal is getting her very own night, as the network is slotting her new series, How to Get Away With Murder, in the Thursday 10 p.m. slot. Scandal will take a step back to 9 p.m., thereby pushing Grey's Anatomy to 8 p.m. Read the full story.


Here Is Your First Look at the New Disney Channel Logo

By Sam Thielman
The Disney Channel isn't exactly rebranding, but it is changing its logo and its network IDs to reflect a new, less boxy look that is going live on most of its networks tomorrow. The original logo started life as a temporary fix when widescreen television sets became the norm, and managed to stick for years, Ron Pomerantz, vp of marketing and creative at the Disney Channel, told Adweek. Now that the network is changing its look, Pomerantz and the rest of the marketing group are trying to make sure it's both consistent and sensible. Read the full story.


A Look Back at the MythBusters Explosions That Moved Us

By Sam Thielman
Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, collectively known as the M7 Build Team, won't be back on MythBusters next year. The news came rather abruptly from show hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage by way of a video released on the website today, which included no statement from any of the three cast members who won't be returning. Read the full story.


The Quick and the Dead: A Guide to TV’s Renewals and Cancellations

By Anthony Crupi
On the eve of Upfront Week, when the five English-language broadcast networks will present their respective 2014-15 prime-time schedules to media buyers, advertisers and the working press, news of various renewals and cancellations continues to seep out like booze through a sot's pores three days into a bender. The following is the most up-to-date list of the doomed and the saved. Keep checking this space through Sunday evening, as there almost certainly will be forthcoming announcements in the run-up to next week's big reveals. Read the full story.


Taylor Kitsch on HBO’s True Detective, Call of Duty, and Living Out of His Car in L.A.

By Sam Thielman
Taylor Kitsch is someone you'll be seeing a lot of, and soon. From his first role—a minor part in Samuel L. Jackson surprise hit Snakes on a Plane—to his breakout part on NBC's high school football drama Friday Night Lights as running back Tim Riggins, Kitsch has taken some huge and unusual risks (and look, even if John Carter didn't pan out the way Disney hoped it would, it's still a pretty good movie). He's been rumored around a major role in the next season of HBO's True Detective for months, and he's starring in a cool new trailer for 72andSunny's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign directed by none other than Berg himself. Read the full story.


Canada’s Proposal to Deregulate Cable TV Market Worries U.S. Content Providers

By Robert Mann
U.S. content providers are warily eyeing efforts by Canadian regulators to unbundle Canada's cable TV industry, a move that could eat into the profits of companies like Disney and Comcast that service the Canadian market. Read the full story.


Cast Member of VH1’s Dating Naked Sues for $10 million Over Uncensored Crotch Shot

By T.L. Stanley
Jessie Nizewitz was prepared to bare it all for VH1's summer series Dating Naked. But the 28-year-old contestant from Long Island says she didn't realize that her most private parts, shot from an extremely unflattering position, would become part of an episode. Read the full story.


Netflix Will Stop Telling Customers Verizon Is Making Their Movies Load Slower

By Sam Thielman
Netflix said Monday it would comply with Verizon's cease-and-desist letter, sent to both the general public and Netflix general counsel David Hyman from Verizon general counsel Randal S. Milch. The letter's complaints against Netflix were that the streaming service was misrepresenting the "many different factors that affect traffic on the Internet," including the controversy over whether or not Verizon is obliged to provide free access to its network based on user preference. Read the full story.


The Colbert Report Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert

By Sam Thielman
In his second night as host of The Colbert Report, Oct. 18, 2005, Stephen Colbert made a joke that wasn't really a joke. Over the course of the show's run, he promised, viewers would be treated to installments in "a 435-part series" called Better Know a District. Read the full story.