Advertisers, Agencies ‘Encourage’ PPM Encoding

Word is just getting out now, but following its April 2009 meeting, agency and advertiser members of the Arbitron Advertiser/Agency Advisory Council have announced a consensus recommendation regarding radio stations encoding in Portable People Meter (PPM) markets.

In a statement, the Council said it “encourages every radio station in each scheduled PPM market to encode its broadcast signals for PPM measurement. Whether or not to subscribe to the service is an individual decision for each station. However, because there is no cost to encode, the Council recommends that each station do so. The Council believes that encoding will give all advertisers, marketers, agencies and broadcasters an enhanced ability to understand and evaluate radio.”

Arbitron currently uses the PPM system to produce currency radio ratings in 15 markets with an additional 18 markets scheduled to commercialize by the end of 2009.