The 7 Best Nerds at the ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere


John DeLorean

So last year at this shindig, the actors and producers of this series showed up in beautiful Bentleys, and frankly, they looked like they'd just arrived at the moon landing. There was a very funny "All this for us?" vibe to the whole thing. This year, they had it figured out: with hundreds of screaming fans lining the streets behind police barricades, the crew emerged victorious from these, the awful, awful (beautiful) cars created by John DeLorean and, of course, immortalized as time machines in Back to the Future.


This Guy and His Awesome T-shirt

Here is a guy in a very fun rock 'em sock 'em robots shirt, with the blue robot (a Cyberman) saying "Delete!" and the red robot (a Dalek) saying "exterminate!" The Daleks are not technically robots, but they are the classic Doctor Who villains, and each successive showrunner on the revived series has tried valiantly to make up for their being endearingly stupid-looking. They feature prominently in the premiere episode, and, despite looking like pepper shakers, are nevertheless quite frightening.


This Girl and Her Handmade Puppet

This particular Doctor Who fan makes puppets of the doctor himself. She has a really fantastic Tumblr page devoted to these and other creations. One of the things about Doctor Who making a splash in the female demo is that you can't really sell video games or action figure in the same quantities to women, so the self-created stuff is much more interesting (though there are video games and action figures, of course. I own some of each).


This Young Lady and Her Fez

Now we're getting down to it. The shirt, for the uninitiated, says "Time and Relative Dimension in Space," the acronym of which is TARDIS, the name of the doctor's time machine, which looks surprisingly like a blue police box. In the most recent season, the doctor wore a fez from time to time; fans now wear fezes to show devotion. Again, there is a pronounced lack of draconian "YOU MUST ACT THIS WAY TO BE A DOCTOR WHO FAN" sentiment along moldy-comic-book-store lines. Instead, there is a near-infinite presence on etsy.


This Enchanting Couple

This fabulous couple (and I actually did a double-take when I saw the guy in the hallway at the Ziegfeld) is pretty much pitch-perfect in costume as the doctor and his traveling companion (just companion, if you're a fan) Amy Pond. I do sort of wonder—Amy Pond is married! Where's her husband in this picture? Does this girl have a boyfriend off-camera somewhere who's dressed up as Rory (who's kind of a regular bloke, so he could be more or less anyone else in the theater)? Have I just accidentally made clear what's really going on between the two of them? No, probably not. Still, great costumes.


This Girl Dressed Up as the TARDIS

This looks a lot to me like a hipster version of an old fancy-dress costume, where you had to come up with something suitably formal and attractive that also looked like something else. A+ for this girl. Again, if you don't get it: here is the doctor's time machine, the TARDIS. See? See how the skirt and t-shirt sort of make her look like an oddly attractive phone booth? You probably don't see. I blush whenever I see someone go into a phone booth now, is the point. Which, thank God, is not often.


All of Them

When the lights went down in the theater, everybody pulled out one of these little sonic screwdriver replicas (The doctor:his sonic screwdriver as Luke Skywalker::his lightsaber) and waved it around in the air like they were requesting their favorite song at a rock concert. Which they sort of were. It was like a rock concert, you guys.

Honorable mention:

—Chris Hardwick, who emceed the whole thing. Funny hats off to you, sir.

—The guy dressed as Inspector Spacetime from Community. I chased you down the escalator to ask for a picture, but I couldn't find you. Still: an obscure reference that any fan of either show (and there is significant overlap) would be proud of.