The 6 Best TV Trailers You Might Have Missed From Comic-Con

This year's San Diego Comic-Con has wrapped, and while audiences predictably went nuts over Star Wars: The Force Awakens' charming behind-the-scenes footage and the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, television is what truly dominated the four-day festival. TV's most popular shows—from Game of Thrones to American Horror Story to The Walking Dead and seemingly every new series set to launch in the next year—were the talk of the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday to Sunday.

And just like their movie counterparts, many series tried to make a big splash by unveiling new trailers to whip fans into a frenzy. Here were Comic-Con's six most memorable TV trailers, captivating audiences in San Diego and online.


6. The Man in the High Castle (Amazon, premieres this fall)

While the other shows all rolled out trailers with compelling new footage, Amazon smartly took a different route for The Man in the High Castle. It cut a trailer that relied heavily on those elements that made the show—based on the Philip K. Dick novel about a world in which the Axis powers won World War II, and the U.S. (and world) has now been divvied up between Germany and Japan—the best of Amazon's recent pilots. That includes jarring images of swastikas in Times Square and adorning the American flag, and a world with "liberty and justice for none." A half-year after its pilot first aired, the trailer was the perfect reminder of what a unique series is awaiting us this fall.


5. Colony (USA, fall)

USA is on a roll this summer thanks to Mr. Robot, and the network's momentum could continue with this fascinating premise about a family trying to protect themselves in occupied Los Angeles. Since Lost, Josh Holloway has struggled to find a role that fit him as well as Sawyer did, but his old Lost boss, Carlton Cuse, might have finally written just that for him. Who knows where it will all go, but so far, so good.


4. Heroes Reborn (NBC, Sept. 24)

I'm as skeptical as anyone about NBC's reboot of this once-mighty sci-fi series, which started with such promise in year one, and spent the next three seasons wasting it all away. But this trailer at least offers the hope that the show can (finally) find its way again, with a heavy dose of new "evos" and just a few of the original characters mixed in. I'm not completely on board yet (I still have PTSD from the original series run), but I'm definitely more intrigued than I've been since the reboot was announced. 


3. Into the Badlands (AMC, November)

Its Walking Dead spinoff isn't AMC's only big debut in the year's second half. The network is also premiering this ambitious martial arts drama about a warrior and a young boy who journey across a dangerous land. This seems to be an exciting new direction for AMC; the trailer's dazzling sword play is more than enough to get me to tune in come November.


2. Ash vs. The Evil Dead (Starz, Oct. 31)

It's hard to believe more than two decades have passed since Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi teamed up for the last Evil Dead installment, Army of Darkness. Looks like it was worth the wait: Their new TV series picks up right where the three Evil Dead films left off, with lots of laughs, chased down with buckets of blood and gore (not even The Walking Dead is this gruesome). As Ash, Campbell once again gets to crack wise, get the tar beat out of him, wield a chainsaw and do battle with all sorts of horrific creatures, including an undead granny. Add Lucy Lawless to the mix, and the results are, as Ash himself would say, "Groovy!"


1. Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Aug. 23)

How do you make a companion series to TV's biggest show, set in the same world where zombies run amok, without making it seem like just a cash grab? This is how: Start the action just as the epidemic begins, so that instead of The Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic setting, this series unspools in an apocalyptic world. That helps Fear the Walking Dead put a fresh spin on the genre rather than beating an undead horse. And unlike the world of The Strain, where much of New York seems unaffected by the vampire outbreak sweeping the city, this trailer promises a world in full-blown panic as it tries to make sense of an unfathomable reality. "When civilization ends, it ends fast," notes one person. Let's hope it's not too fast, because I love what I've seen so far.