5 of the Best TV News Meltdowns

Can the scripted drama of 'The Newsroom' beat these real-life broadcast blunders?

The deadline is looming for HBO's newest show, The Newsroom. It premieres this Sunday to mostly mixed and negative reviews, and while Aaron Sorkin's latest creation promises to "take on the media establishment" in a drama that's "not about the news, [but] about the people who do the news," a large portion of the trailers and promo spots highlight the real draw: a TV anchor losing his sh-t.

For example, one clip shows anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) respond to a request that he take his BlackBerry off of his anchor desk by throwing it violently at the camera, a scene reminiscent of Bill O'Reilly's freakout in our #2 slot. And in what appears to be one of the first meltdowns of the series, McAvoy, in a Q&A, is publicly put on the spot about whether he thinks America is the greatest country in the world. He doesn't give the expected answer, and that video, of course, goes viral—much like all of the the blunders in the following real-life clips.


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