5 of the Best TV News Meltdowns


Anderson Cooper Dissolves Into Giggles Over Potty Humor


It became the first and only time Anderson Cooper made his own RidicuList. During a segment in which he attempts to lambaste actor Gerard Depardieu for drunkenly urinating on the floor of a plane, the CNN star progressively loses his sh-t over a series of less-than-funny pee puns, including such gems as:

"He created his own jet stream."
"I would have guessed he flies incontinental."
"[Seeing] an actual thespian actually thes-peein."
"Took his solo flight to urine-nation."

But the true climax of the segment is toward the end, when Cooper makes a reference to defecation, saying the flight crew was lucky it wasn't "Depard-two" and then dissolving into a fit of uncontrollable giggles more befitting an eight-year-old boy than a venerable news anchor.



Don’t Call Him ‘Chris’

Jim Rome retired from his career as an interviewer for ESPN in January, and despite the many sports greats he's shared a stage with over the years, it's the 1994 Jim Everett segment that everyone remembers. 

Why? It might have something to do with the fight.

Everett, most notably a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, was dealing with flack over the perception that he dodged sacks after being repeatedly hit during a championship game. Rome, for one, had taken to calling him "Chris" instead of "Jim" in a reference to the female tennis player Chris Evert. The result is something like this:

Everett: "I think you probably won't say that again."
Rome: "I bet I will."
Everett: "OK."
Rome: "Chris."
Everett: <flips table>

In an interview with Deadspin in January, Everett said a "large burger franchise" asked to use the footage in an ad campaign, but Rome blocked the deal.


‘Boomer’ goes Boom!

Longtime ESPN sportcaster Chris "Boomer" Berman is known for many things—his catch phrases ("He could go all...the...way!); his alter ego "The Swami"; and for playing himself in a number of movies and a Hootie and the Blowfish video (OK, maybe that last one's a stretch). 

But this 34-year veteran of TV sports news' shining moment surely occurred just before Monday Night Football returned from a commercial one night in 2000, when Berman was caught on camera melting down about the inability of his staff to sit still. 

In one word: "Jesus!"



‘We’ll Do it Live! F-ck it!’

It was a rare moment—even for Bill O'Reilly. Granted, the Fox host is known for his sharp temper and cutting words, but none of his on-screen interviews were ever as tough to handle as his own teleprompter. He melts down repeatedly, cursing up a proverbial storm as he tries to sign off with a song by Sting. When he finally spits it all out before his patient camera crew, he waits until the cut to jump up and throw down his pen in frustration. 


Sue Simmons Torpedoes Boat With F-Bomb

Lead WNBC anchor Sue Simmons, gracing our living room screens since 1980, left the network one week ago today after her contract wasn't renewed. 

Simmons' career was largely unblemished, save for one dramatic use of the F-word during a live news teaser. First there's some cereal going in a shopping basket...then a boat appears onscreen and Simmons exclaims, "The f-ck are you doing?!"

Backing up a boat. What does it look like?

She immediately apologized live for the "unfortunate mistake," but the slip made her an Internet star—clips of the segment each have had millions of views.