Razorfish Formalizes Ad Product Practice

Agencies have been partnering with emerging media platforms for years to create new ad products.

SapientNitro Buys Second Story; Digital In-Store Heating Up

If recent events prove to be bellwethers, digital in-store work is shaping up as a key battleground among interactive agencies going into 2013.

Sandy’s Aftermath: SapientNitro Office May Not Reopen Until Next Week

As most New Yorkers head back into the office this week post-Hurricane Sandy, SapientNitro’s 300-plus staffers are still tasked with showing a steely, post-storm resolve,

Razorfish’s Atlanta Lab Focuses on In-Store Digital

If you talk to big digital agencies like Razorfish and SapientNitro these days, it sounds like the new money to be made in digital is based inside retail stores.

SapientNitro: Major Retailers Lack In-Store Digital Savvy

SapientNitro is releasing a 156-page report today that rates retail brands on whether or not they are using digital signage and other interactive features in their stores well.

Turning Pins Into Purchase on Pinterest

The Pinterest hysteria from the early months of 2012 may have abated, but marketers’ interest in the social scrapbooking site is only accelerating.

Vail Resorts Doubles Down With SapientNitro

Thanks to a piece of national legislation passed last fall, Vail Resorts is gearing up for summertime revenues in the same mountains where it offers ski slopes to consumers.

Nascar Picks SapientNitro to Rebuild Digital Engine

Nascar has tapped SapientNitro to facilitate a complete digital overhaul by the beginning of 2013, the companies announced today. When the stock car racing brand emerges from the design and technology provider's garage this January, Nascar expects advertisers to be wowed by its previously unavailable digital features.

Hot Mobile App Snapguide Integrates With Pinterest

When The New York Times covers your launch, you’re not an average tech startup. When you become the first Apple app to integrate with Pinterest, you solidify that vaunted status.

Aruba Reviews Enter Final Stages

The Aruba Tourism Authority has privatized and installed new leaders. Could new agencies be far behind?