Are Marketers Ready for New Telemarketing Rules?

A new telemarketing rule that goes into effect this Wednesday could cause marketers a lot of headaches and potential lawsuits in the coming days. By Oct. 16, marketers must get prior written consent from consumers before delivering auto-dialed or prerecorded calls or mobile texts to consumers.

Wireless Robocallers Face Massive FCC Fines

Two companies could be slapped with fines of up to $4.8 million for making robocalls to millions of wireless phones, the Federal Communications Commission said today, after issuing citations to Dialing Services and Richard Gilmore, who does business as Democratic Dialing.

FCC: Robocalls Be Gone!

Telemarketers won't be able to interrupt your dinner anymore. The Federal Communications Commission Wednesday voted unanimously to adopt new rules cracking down on those annoying robocalls that seem to come at the most inopportune moment.