Mitt Romney

This Is What the Digital Election Looks Like

The digital election. The Twitter election. First we speculated, then we declared it to be true.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s Twitter Twist

First lady Michelle Obama and vice president Joe Biden have been using Twitter like a secondary email platform to get out the vote during this election cycle's last hours. The first lady has 2 million followers on Twitter, while Biden has 316,000, and the two political figures are direct messaging (DM) their audiences to re-elect President Barack Obama.

In Late Push, Candidates Target Big Ten Network

Local sports have elbowed their way into the presidential election season, as both campaigns and the various PACs looking to sway voters have targeted RSNs in key battleground states.

Obama’s Twitter Bid on Election Eve

Who wins tomorrow seems to be anyone’s guess, as predictions are all over the electoral map.

Race Tightens, and So Does Ad Inventory

Old habits die hard, even when it comes to new media and political advertising. As candidates hit the home stretch last week, they ramped up their ad spending on TV as well as online video.

Obama Still Outgunning Romney in TV Ads

President Barack Obama's campaign is still outgunning Mitt Romney's in TV ads, in both volume and in spending, by more than 2 to 1. From April through Oct. 29, the Obama campaign spent $266 million, while the Romney campaign spent $105.4 million, according to an analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data by the Wesleyan Media Project.

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

With only a few days left, Charles Montgomery Burns has declared his presidential endorsement for none other than Mitt Romney.

Obama Dominating Web Down the Stretch

As the presidential campaign trudges into its waning hours, the embattled Mitt Romney and Barack Obama election teams are ramping up their on-the-ground efforts while still flooding local and national TV with a barrage of last ditch ads. Both campaigns are also turning to the Web with 11th-hour ads, and President Obama is by far the digital aggressor.

Ace Metrix Scores Most Effective Ads of Election

If there was any doubt that PACs and other outside groups wield big influence in this presidential election, check out Ace Metrix's top 10 most effective presidential ads among independent voters. Only three ads, from the Obama for America campaign made the researcher's list of top 10 most effective ads; the other seven were from PACs.

Political TV Ads Shatter Records

Tired of all those political ads on TV? Brace yourself. The past few months were only a warm-up for the coming days leading up to Nov. 6, when about one-third of all the political advertising for the entire election cycle will air.