Whistle Sports Is Pitching Huge Social Growth Among Gen Y Males to Advertisers

Whistle Sports' presentation at the Digital Content NewFronts today was a bit like its inaugural appearance at the ad industry event last year.

5 Products That Could Become as Popular as Adult Coloring Books

As consumers look for ways to relieve stress through creativity, adult coloring books have taken the nation by storm, populating Amazon's list of best-selling books and popping up in marketing efforts for Timberland and other brands.

Infographic: Here’s How Gen Z Girls Prefer to Shop and Socialize Online

Millennials are still the demographic du jour, but that's going to change soon. Enter: Gen Z. The youngest members of the cohort are in middle school, while the oldest are finishing up college. And while their purchasing power is currently considerably less than that of millennials, they know exactly what they want and how they want to be marketed to.

Imgur Survey Finds Millennials Are Cool With Being Geeky

In 2004, a band called Say Hi To Your Mom came out with "Pop Music of the Future," which presciently describes the modern geek from the perspective of the ever-migrating millennial moving to Brooklyn and beyond. "she's got a loft space  takes the L train to Bedford

Infographic: How the Best and Brightest Millennials Live, Shop and Dream

Upwardly mobile millennials are easily the most sought-after demo for marketers and advertisers, so when Forbes publishes its highly coveted 30 Under 30 list, many take note.

Q&A: Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Her Online Haters and Those Hard-to-Get Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner's got a hit reality show, endorsement deals, and the attention of millions of fans on Instagr

360i Launches New Program to Equip All Nonprofits With Digital and Social Media Skills

Late last year, as 360i employees prepared to take time off to celebrate the holidays and spend time with their families, the giving spirit kicked in at the company.

5 Reasons Marketers Have Largely Overlooked Generation X


5 Tips for Building a Real and Successful Company Culture

There's no doubt culture is a key driver when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, but even the savviest branding effort can't create culture out of thin air.Instead, it takes ongoing and consistent contributions by leaders and employees alike, according to an expert panel gathered to discuss company culture at the 4A's Transformation conference this week.

How Millennials Consume TV Depends on Which Stage of Life They’re In

There's a reason that millennials are so hard for advertisers to pin down: Their media consumption is in constant flux, given that adults in that 18-34 demo are in "rapid transition." That's according to Nielsen's Q4 2015 Total Audience Report, released this morning, which delved into the media consumption habits of advertising's most elusive, and often mystifying,