Entitled? Try Empowered: Why Millennials Work the Way They Do

What's the matter with "kids" today … at work? Across our great nation, grumpy middle managers, executives and owners alike are wondering who these fresh-faced, impatient and entitled millennials think they are with all their outsized demands. I'm here to tell you.

Why So Many People Leave Advertising

The battle for talent has always been a great concern for agencies, and a new study from the 4A's in partnership with LinkedIn illuminates some of the top reasons agency people either move to different companies within the industry or leave it altogether. The findings, according to 4A's president Nancy Hill, are not surprising, but they are dismaying.

LinkedIn Is Now Allowing Marketers to Target Ads at Specific Companies

LinkedIn is now letting businesses target ads based on companies they're actually trying to sell to. On Tuesday, the company announced that marketers running native ads through Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns can target user profiles based on a list of companies they want to reach with specific products or other sales.

LinkedIn Reaches for the Stars in Its First TV Spot, Airing on the Oscars

LinkedIn aims high in its first-ever broadcast TV spot. The 30-second ad, created by BBDO San Francisco in conjunction with LinkedIn's in-house creative studio, features footage shot from Earth's orbit and plays off the fact that the U.S. space agency used the business networking site last year in its recruitment efforts. "NASA is looking for an astronaut," read the on-screen graphics. "3 million LinkedIn members qualify."

5 Ways to Improve Chemistry With Your Clients

You've heard it before: You're a great agency and the work was terrific, but we're going with someone else that's a "better fit." Where did you go wrong? Did you have the right people in the room? Were they coached on creating a bond with the clients?

What This Ad Creative Learned From Emailing All 1,109 of His LinkedIn Contacts

Do you find professional value in LinkedIn beyond the occasional glance at someone else's work history? Or is mostly a wasteland of connections made, then forgotten. A year ago, San Francisco-based creative director/copywriter John Kovacevich decided to check in with his LinkedIn contacts—in a serious way. As a New Year's resolution for 2015, he vowed to email all 1,109 of his contacts personally over the course of the year.

8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn (but Probably Aren’t)

LinkedIn, that workhorse of social networks, lacks a lot of the excitement of its peers. It doesn't have Facebook's 1 billion daily active users, Twitter's real-time cachet or Snapchat's undying millennial devotion.

Virgin Atlantic Hid Its Latest Ad Inside LinkedIn’s Job Listings

LinkedIn is frequently described as one of the world's top social networks, even though its user base is far less active than that of, say, Instagram. But brands have had trouble coming up with creative ways to promote themselves to its 380 million members, many of whom fall into a marketer's sweet spot of affluent professionals under 35. Yes, LinkedIn can be great for publishing your thought leadership pieces and not quite stalking your colleagues and rivals. But how can brands effectively use it to raise consumer awareness and drum up new business? Virgin Atlantic and lead creative agency Figliulo & Partners recently figured out a way: a not-quite-real job listing.

Facetime: Magazines, Networks and Fashion Wrap Up the Summer

Oprah Winfrey celebrates her network’s newest documentary with Arianna Huffington, and Tommy Hilfiger goes to Macy’s to celebrate his brand. Here's a snapshot of the week's events:

With LinkedIn’s Powerful Backing, Can Dominate the Digital-Skills Market?

Digital know-how is vital for most job seekers these days, and LinkedIn wants in on the growing online skills market. After acquiring education site in April for $1.5 billion, LinkedIn has provided the first hint at how it plans to compete in the competitive space this week with a promotion for free classes.