For One Agency, the Women’s March Brought Together Employees Like Never Before

The day after Donald Trump's election, the D.C. office of creative agency Huge was a somber place, one where employees seemed uncertain and fearful of the times ahead."It felt like a funeral," recalls UX lead Natalie Be'er. The atmosphere and the election's impact on the team were clear to executives as well.

Why You May Soon Be Seeing More Agencies Launching Their Own Print Magazines

In late September, J.

Huge Launches Its Own Online Magazine for Design and Tech Lovers

Today Huge launched Magenta, an digital magazine focused on technology, created by a team within the agency. 

Is Pokemon Go Finally Making Augmented Reality Mainstream?

Until Pokemon Go became a viral phenomenon by amassing more than 100 million downloads in a few weeks, augmented reality was confined to tech types and sci-fi fiends.

How This Digital Agency Developer Ended Up Dancing in the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Most agency employees will be watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics today with keen interest and much anticipation as the games open in Rio. But Isabella Silveira, a front-end developer for the Rio de Janeiro office of Huge, will have a very different perspective—she'll be dancing in the ceremony at Maracanã Stadium.

Why Everyone From Jose Cuervo to BuzzFeed Is Jumping Into Livestreaming

Jose Cuervo is celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Thursday by livestreaming via a "secret concert" that starts at 10 p.m. at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn. Few other details are available, of course, but a tweet by the tequila brand suggests that the concert is a pop-up event by the folks at AfroPunk.

Meet the Ridiculously Cute Pets That Come to Work at L.A.’s Canine-Crazy Ad Agencies

Striking that perfect work-life balance can be quite the challenge for those of us with little ones at home, their slobbery faces pressed up against the window, waiting for mom or dad to get home and give them some love—before they take it out on a favorite pair of shoes or all over that new rug.

How the Steady Stream of Creative Talent Moving From N.Y. to L.A. Became a Flood

A dyed-in-the-wool New York advertising professional, Patricia Korth-McDonnell had heard all the clichés about Los Angeles as an endless parking lot, a cultural wasteland and, perhaps most relevant, a professional dead end at best and career suicide at worst.

Who’s Leading the Way for Marketers Among the Biggest Social Networks?

Statistics and think pieces aside, one fact becomes clearer by the hour: The world’s largest social media platforms will play an increasingly larger role in the digital marketing equation moving […]

Will Brands Get Behind Peeple, an App Already Being Called a Cyberbully’s Dream?

There's been considerable buzz this week about the mobile app Peeple, which will let you rate other people's attributes—such as their romantic lives, personal integrity and professionalism—the same way you'd rate the restaurant around the corner.